Ranchpal brings Artificial Intelligence
Friend which helps dairy farmers in

  • Accurate Heat Detection
  • Early Disease Detection & Reduce Antibiotics
  • Detailed analytics on Herd Performance Trends

  • Assistance in your Language
  • Nutrition optimization
  • High Milk Yield

  • Manage Calving
  • Locate your cows Immediately
  • Cow Stress Management

RanchPal brings Artifical Intelligence friend for Dairy Cow Farmers


Ranchpal enables enterprises to capture, manage and predict key operational insights across cow farm portfolios.

Best friend of cow farmers

Managing dairy farms can be really challenging. Ranchpal is a true friend help available to dairy farms to make smart decisions.

Sales Reps

With farmers moving towards tech adoption to better optimize farm efficiencies, Ranchpal is the future of farming.

AI based technology

Ranchpal use most advanced AI technology which gives highly useful insights into herd’s fertility, health, nutritional status.

Superior health with Cow Health Monitoring

  • Catch the disease at early stage
  • Know before the symptoms appear
  • Not only Mastitis but also other diseases i.e. subclinical rumen acidosis, laminitis, hypocalcaemia, retained placenta, metritis, ketosis, abomasums, lameness and even indigestion can make cow sick to reduce milk
  • Reduce diagnosis costs
  • Make changes for the future
  • Help farmer in minimizing and eliminating costly diseases

Nutrition Optimization

  • Track and know every detail of your cow’s nutrition
  • Keep eye on cow’s eating and ruminating accurate behaviour
  • Get alerts for any change in behaviour due to ration change
  • Measure impact of change in ration on cow’s health and milk yield
  • Reduce feed wastage
  • Give right ration feed to each cow for optimum milk yield

Better Fertility

  • Maximize cow reproduction
  • Accurately Heat Detection
  • Avoid culling due to reproductive issues
  • Shorten calving period
  • Keep record of each cow i.e. Age at first insemination, Calving interval, Conception risk, Pregnancy rate
  • Identify fertility and health challenges early and give required attention for consistent reproductive results

High Milk Yield with healthy Cows

  • Identify sick cows at early stage for more milk production
  • Accurately identify individual-cow milk production
  • Reduce impacts of mastitis by treating it timely on milk quality
  • Avoid rejected milk from mastitis treated cows
  • Increased production per cow
  • Higher market prices of your milk

Better Operational Efficiency

  • Get urgent cow health issue with our RED alerts
  • Accurately monitor cow after treatment
  • Feed Optimization with individual cow ration records
  • Cow locating and identification with ease
  • Sorting cows for breeding, calving, hoof trimming etc.
  • Herd Performance Trends
  • Get rid of inefficient labour, reduce operational costs & increase your profits

Manage Farms with Ease & Increase Profits

  • Organize milk production, reproduction and herd health data with ease
  • Accurate and actionable insights to make well-informed suggestions to farm partners i.e. nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders
  • Understand the health, reproductive and nutritional status of their cows with ease to understand charts and graphs
  • Integrate with all dairy herd management systems and interact smartly with them
  • Give the information to the right team member at the right time
  • Increase profits by saving significant amounts of money on reduced treatment costs, reduced need of labour, feed optimization and relatively high milk yields

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