Why RanchPal for Enterprises?

The unique solution that integrates real time farm data into a single platform and provides specific industry level insights.

How RanchPal work for Enterprises?

Ranchpal for Enterprises is a cloud-based solution that integrates real-time sensor data, integrates farm management data and also understands the farmers daily routine. Based on proprietary data and algorithms, Ranchpal for Enterprises enables predictive insights on animal welfare, traceability and sustainability targets.

RanchPal benefits for Milk Processor

  Strengthen supplier relationships
  Manage sustainability targets
  Forecast milk supply
  Measure consumer welfare expectations

RanchPal benefits for Feed Supplier

  Empower advisors with data and reduce customer churn
 Measure the impact of feed changes in real-time
 Predict feed demand from customers
  Value added services differentiate from competition

RanchPal benefits for Genetics Companies

 Access qualitative proofing through data
  Measure Genetic success and statistics
  Forecast your business outcomes
  Qualify and improve genetic products

RanchPal benefits for Pharma Companies

  Reduce antibiotic usage through preventive care
  Empower veterinarians with data
  Measure the impact of medical treatments in real time
  Proactive guidance on dosage

Interested in Ranchpal for Enterprises?

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