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Managing dairy farms can be really challenging. Ranchpal is a true friend help available to dairy farms to make smart decisions.

Ranchpal smart neck collar sensors monitor dairy cows 24/7, 365 Days a Year. The installation is seamless and takes a few minutes. Ranchpal is designed with care to ensure no disruption in any farm operations.

Our rugged, waterproof & non-invasive monitoring system is comfortable for cows to wear & requires little to no maintenance. Ranchpal runs on advanced proprietary algorithms combining dairy science, expert knowledge and machine learning to deliver actionable, easy to interpret and intelligent advice to cow farmers.


    Unique to Ranchpal, the smart system continuously learns each individual cow. When a cow is either not eating or is ruminating, an alert will be given one to two days earlier before the cow becomes clinically sick. In-depth insights in easy to understand graphs, offer great support in managing a herd. The system also provides ongoing insights on the recovery of sick cows, enabling farmers to intervene faster. This leads to reduced medical expenses and labour, fewer cow losses and higher milk production.


Keeping cows eating and ruminating is key to maintaining their health and maximising milk production. Any decline in this area may be an early indicator of health issues with possible extra costs. Ranchpal monitors the number of minutes each cow spends eating and ruminating. With this insight into the eating behaviour of individual cows, management groups and the entire herd, a dairyman will know exactly how to feed his herd. Ranchpal is also an excellent tool for monitoring cow's eating behaviour in the transition period.


To be able to provide dairymen with the most accurate information about a cow’s fertility status, Ranchpal has created a smart algorithm. The system provides reliable data about heat intensity and heat stage. By combining these alerts with cow data from various management systems that are available worldwide, Ranchpal cow monitoring system provides valuable insights into the cycles of each individual cow, and answers questions such as: Is she cycling or cystic? What is her heat interval? What is the best moment to inseminate? Is she still pregnant or has she aborted? Is her uterus clean after calving?

Find my Cow

‘Find my Cow’, a tool that uses a locator in order to make it easier on dairies with 10 to 1000+ cows to find an individual cow inside, in the barn, and outside on pasture. This feature is fully integrated with modules fertility, health and nutrition. After receiving alerts, it will be a time saving task to find cows in heat, sick cows, cull cows and cows that are in the wrong pens. Ultimately, it allows dairymen to spend valuable time elsewhere.

User friendly

Ranchpal is a complete plug-and-play system that is compatible with various farm management systems. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by routers which can be installed either inside or outside. Installation is easy as it is a wireless system and therefore, no cables are needed. Alerts and easy to read coloured graphs are shown in the mobile app or in the web application. Even veterinarians and herdsmen can have visibility and control over their herd’s performance with the Multiview functionality. Moreover, the system is always equipped with the latest developments through free over-the-air-programming updates to both hardware and software.

Easily Understandable Formats

All this data can be downloaded in report format, which are easy to use for reproductive management and vet checks. A quick overview of all cow data enables dairymen to make faster and more balanced decisions. It will also support the process of selecting cows for insemination, minimise pregnancy checks and stress, and save management time.

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